Quick Gardening Tips


Inheriting Native Trees

If you move into a home that has older native trees on site, it’s best to keep surface watering around them to a minimum. The roots of mature native plants are already deeply established. Too much moisture in the upper layers of soils can cause problems with diseases.

Don't forget your Homework

Doing some "gardening homework" will help prevent many plant problems from occurring. Well-adapted, properly planted plants are naturally more healthy, which makes them resistant to pests and diseases. Homework means learning which plants are adapted to grow in your area, and becoming familiar with their cultural requirements, such as water needs, exposure to the sun, and preferred soil type. Before buying and planting, it also helps if you determine what kind of gardener you are, or plan to be. How much time do you want to spend pruning, watering and weeding? For some it’s a pleasure; for others it’s pure pain. Design and plant a garden that suits you.

Planting or Transplanting Cacti

When transplanting cacti, position them so plants face the same direction as they did before they were planted. South and southwest sides of plants have been exposed to more direct sunlight and have become toughened and resistant to sunburn. The north and east sides of the plant are more tender. They will likely sunburn and scar or even rot if exposed to intense sunshine. Before transplanting, mark the north side of each plant with chalk or ribbon and replant so that side will again face north. 
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