Herbs, Growing and Using


Growing & Using the Plants of Romance
Bill Varney and Sylvia Varney.

176 pp. / 211 color photos, 
40 illus / 8 3/8 x 10 7/8
Paper (0-8165-0962823678) $18.95


  • Main Selection of Doubleday Book Club
  • Ben Franklin Award, Best Gardening Book - 1999

Herbs have been humanity's pharmacy and spice rack since the dawn of civilization and many botanists today believe that the healing properties of herbs have yet to be fully explored. New Bill and Sylvia Varney share their hands-on knowledge of herbs gained through two decades of experience in herb farming.

In this practical book, the Varneys have distilled a wealth of information on growing and using herbs. They show how herbs can make everyday living more interesting—and more flavorful—with practical instruction in

  • using herbs in recipes from breads to vinegars;
  • creating natural herb lotions, bath salts, and oils;
  • growing herbs in containers;
  • planning herb gardens for culinary, medicinal, cosmetic, and fragrance use.

The heart of the book is its "Gallery of Herbs," providing not only complete descriptions of more than one hundred varieties—with advice on planting, care, harvesting, and use—but also a host of recipes and tips. A chapter on planning an herb garden features landscaping ideas, followed by gardening instructions that tell you what you need to know about soil, watering, propagating, and pest control. The book concludes with a host of additional how-to recipes for both the kitchen and home.

Bill and Sylvia Varney own and operate the Fredricksburg Herb Farm in the Texas Hill Country and are also the authors of Along the Garden Path.

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Herbs, Growing and Using
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